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Thank you again for presenting in our office, Spencer. Your presentation was flawless and I truly enjoyed it. The feedback from the associates has been phenomenal as well."

Joshua Kaye
Managing Partner, DLA Piper - Miami

The process and strategy coaching I've gotten from Matt Pletzer has helped me improve nearly all aspects of my business."

Zac Mulford
Financial Advisor, Mass Mutual - Madison, WI

Implementing our new sales structure with Kevin Guy was a valuable process for our team. The sales strategies and communication tactics will undoubtedly help us take HPWP to another level of success while complementing the great work we have done for our clients during the last 10+ years."

Annie Snowbarger
Founding Member, HPWP Consulting - Rome, GA

Spencer gave us very actionable information to make an immediate impact on the things we do. Great work."

Mike Mellor
Head of Marketing, Pryor Cashman - New York City

President's Club with Matt Pletzer was one of the most valuable, practical training programs of any kind that I have ever immersed myself in. The role playing, and the actionable, reinforced sales strategies and communication tactics are ones that I will undoubtedly utilize throughout my life - and not just in business."

Dave Schwallier
Principal - Madison, WI

Press & Media

AmpliPhi Co-Founder Spencer X Smith has been featured and quoted in:

November 2016

Featured In Forbes Magazine

"A marketing idea that Spencer X. Smith, of Madison, Wis., has remembered since his days of running a band is to find ways to use your existing social media channels to help someone else..."

August 2016

Featured in Inc. Magazine

"Have at least two high-priority business development opportunities scheduled for right when you get back. Why? Instead of returning to work with a whimper, these meetings will both get you excited AND force you to step up your game immediately. That momentum will carry through the rest of the week."

June 2016

Featured In Entrepreneur Magazine

"You should find an influencer you greatly admire, and start amplifying their content by sharing it on your own social media networks."

Featured On Fox News

"Influencers are often under tremendous pressure to drive traffic to their message, so anything you can do to help them do that will be noticed and greatly appreciated."

May 2016

Featured In Entrepreneur Magazine

"Respond to that query ASAP. Reporters are usually on a very tight deadline, and they often get so many responses that they look only at the first few."

March 2016

Featured In Money Magazine

"My goal is to take something really hard - digital marketing - and explain it in plain English."

February 2016

Featured In Forbes Magazine

"Instead of trying to convince people to do something, find out where the crowd is going already and ask the person in charge, 'How can I help?'"

January 2016

Featured On The Huffington Post

"When scheduling meetings, whether they're in-person, via phone, or Skype, suggest both a specific date and time for the meeting so you can batch your meetings together."