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At AmpliPhi, we build business generation systems through social media & digital marketing AND help develop the human beings who operate them.


Campaign & Promotions

Sometimes people within your organization are too close to the situation to be as effective as possible. Talking it through with an outside prospective can build clarity and open your eyes to other successful possibilities. Partner with AmpliPhi to develop on-brand social media campaigns and promotions structured around your business marketing objectives and goals. 

Social Media Advertising & Retargeting

As of January 2017, 69% of adults in the U.S. use at least one social media platform. It’s clear that social media is the channel through which your company can speak directly to your customers. It’s critical to brand awareness and customer acquisition and loyalty. AmpliPhi offers social media marketing, strategy planning, advertising implementation and reporting for major social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Our expert team ensures that all of your ads reach the people who matter to your brand on the platforms where your fans choose to engage. AmpliPhi also provides options for retargeting and inbound marketing. 

Personal Branding

Many companies forget about their best asset, their employees. If there is someone inside your organization that could easily play the “face of the company” role, let’s get them talking about it and building their personal brand. If your audience sees that your employees are talking and creating content about what’s important in the industry it shows that you're invested and knowledgeable in the field and benefits the company to no end. AmpliPhi will help dissect the important steps to helping this person/s build their personal branding campaign through social platforms, content creation, website optimization, and strategic public relations. 

Email Marketing

If you think a lot of people have social media accounts, think about the number of people that have an email address! It needs to be a core tactic in any digital marketing strategy. Email provides great reach potential and builds trust within your community of customers. AmpliPhi can help you start building your email list appropriately or figure out the best way to use your current list.     

Content Creation

Content is still king! With saturation in most markets, it’s more important that ever that your company stands out as the expert in your industry. The team at AmpliPhi can help you create a content strategy that focuses on answering questions, speaking directly to your customers, building loyalty, and opening up a dialogue to ultimately encourage a better sales strategy. 


The team at AmpliPhi has an extensive background in financial services, banking, insurance, real estate, IT, manufacturing and music. We have the ability to help you make an informed, thought-out decision about your company’s marketing strategy based upon what makes sense for your goals and objectives. 

AmpliPhi also offers individual or group-based training for social media marketing, personal branding and website optimization techniques. Trainings can be tailored to your businesses needs and can be done via webinar, video tutorial classes or on-site at your location. 

Consulting Topics

Intro to Facebook for Business // Advanced Facebook for Business

Intro to LinkedIn for Personal Branding // Advanced LinkedIn for Personal Branding

SEO and Website Optimization Tactics


There are 114 different types of marketing strategies (give or take!), and most companies only focus on a few at a time. The team at AmpliPhi works well with others. For example, if you’re planning a logo redesign to be followed by a new website and finally a social media rollout, we’re happy to use our 20+ years expertise to help navigate the way. We’re willing to be as involved as you want us to be.