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AmpliPhi - Digital Marketing & Web3 Consulting Company


Social Media Strategies that

actually work.

What We Do


As the world grows increasingly digital, new methods for marketing your business and engaging your customer base are revealed.

Let us help you see the the opportunities that Web3 may hold for your business.

social media & digital marketing services

What we do is rooted in one theme: transparency. We share with you exactly what we do and how we do it so you and your team can get better as we work together. AmpliPhi exists for one reason: to growth both our team and yours.


The heart and soul of the campaign. We'll work with your team or we can provide these services for you.

• Videos
• Written Content
• High Quality Images & Infographics


Establishing, delivering, and refining custom marketing through LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

• Audience Building
• Ads
• Testing


Work with our elite team of digital experts to create more meaningful & impactful social media interaction. 

• Setting Objectives
• Consulting
• Training


We make modern website builds and redesigns with content streamlined for search engine optimization, faster loading speed, and an enhanced mobile user experience. 


Old adage in advertising from nineteenth century Philadelphia retailer John Wanamaker: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” Guess what? Now we do.

Ellie Reineck


Thank you for helping us face our fears about social media and teaching us how we can appreciate our customers through these platforms! The social engagement of our employees after listening to your message has been phenomenal!

our experience

Park Bank
The Storage Guy
Board & Brush
Hausmann Johnson Insurance
Applied Tech
Looking for an event speaker?

AmpliPhi's founder, Spencer X Smith explains complex or jargon-laden topics in an accessible and entertaining way that engages and inspires his audiences not just to think, but to act. Book Spencer for your event as a speaker.