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Jul 24

How You Can Utilize Flowcharts in Your Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing Strategy

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How You Can Utilize Flowcharts in Your Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing Strategy

Why Flowcharts?

Visually depicting a marketing campaign is not only beneficial for your team/agency to understand the scope of your responsibilities, but it is incredibly helpful to the client’s understanding of what is to come. 

Having a clear representation of your social media strategy in a language everyone involved can understand helps to maintain clarity during the campaign. 

How to Make a Flowchart

Refer to the saying ‘If this, then that’. Start at square one and draw out the plan (I find this easier to do on paper and then transpose into a digital format). The moment your asset goes live is the entrance of your flow chart, and the completion of the goal of your campaign is your exit point for the individual traveling through the chart.

This chart depicts a Facebook Ad and the resulting actions taken once it is cast into to world wide web. Notice that the ‘behind the scenes’ steps are marked, the steps that facebook does for us, that ourselves and the client can not physically see in real time (i.e custom audience building).

This example represents our internal company plan for asset marketing. The importance of assets is often overlooked, simply because they are often placed online and never touched again or tracked. This chart depicts the process and also the underlying reason among the steps and the track it takes.

Using Photoshop or Another Creative Platform

These charts were built using rectangles, lines, arrows, and text-and a lot of copy and pasting.

No flow chart specific software was used, just the shape tool found on powerpoint/word, and text.

You’ll notice in the AmpliPhi chart includes arrows to help guide the viewer along the correct path when recycling through a step. You won’t nail the layout on the first try (or if you do I am EXTREMELY envious). You’ll often find the chart will get too cramped, or you’ll discover a new step or branch to include. 

This chart building process is also helpful during its creation as you are strategically thinking through the process and what the actions will look like. Additionally, it brings to light any challenges or holes in your plan that you may have missed conceptually. 

How has your business utilized flowcharts? If this is a new concept to you, ask us questions in the comments below!

Jul 09

Top 5 Drone Tips for Safe Content Creation


Top 5 Drone Tips for Safe Content Creation

Utilizing a drone can help businesses to create professional content at their own fingertips.

Here are the top 5 tips you should use to avoid unsafe conditions.

1.) Know the Surrounding Airspace 

Understanding a VFR Sectional chart should be the first step when preparing to fly your drone in unfamiliar airspace.  Sectional charts can be used to identify regulated airspace, nearby airports, and hazards. 

2.) Respect the Privacy of Others

Always be aware of who and what will be in the vicinity of your flight path.

While the FAA and federal courts have not decided who owns the airspace above private land, it still can be illegal to fly above private property depending on where you live. The last thing you want to get caught up in is an angry homeowner with a shotgun and good aim.   

3.) Understand Your In-Flight User Interface 

This is the basic the interface for a DJI drone, other brands will have similar information.

Always be checking your in-flight interface. This is a window into everything that is going on with your drone. It can show you your speed, altitude, battery, GPS, and much more. This is a great tool to monitor to prevent any fly always or crashes. 

4.) Know the wind 

Strong wind can lead to a decrease in performance and battery life. Be aware of how strong the wind is and which direction it is blowing. If you are flying to your planned position, with the wind. Don’t assume it will take the same amount of battery to return.  

If you are flying without GPS assistance strong winds will cause your drone to drift. This can position the drone into unplanned areas such as power lines, tall buildings, or out of the signal range.  

Keep in mind the wind speed can double, or even triple from where you are to the altitude of your aircraft.  

5.) Check the Propellers

The propellers create the ability for the drone to fly. Ensure that they are free from any damage such as dents, cracks, or breakage. Dirt, sand, and other elements can also effect the propellers performance.

Which of these tips was most helpful? Are there any tips you would like to share? Comment them below. 

Jul 03

Three Ways to Achieve Success as a Business on the 4th of July Holiday

Marketing , Social Media


This may sound very obvious, but it’s something I see year after year - small businesses not availing themselves of the hashtag


​Why is posting on social media about Holidays important?

1.) Use the #HappyFourth hashtag on relevant posts on all the social media platforms. This is the most obvious of the tips, but if a small business owner doesn’t use the hashtag in their posts, it doesn’t exist. The social platforms rely on hashtags (even LinkedIn) to ascertain the overarching theme of a post, and the omission of #HappyFourth is a big mistake.

2.) Search the #HappyFourth hashtag on the social media platforms where your customers are most likely to have conversations. Twitter search is outstanding for this, as is Instagram. Business owners can simply join conversations already given the appropriate #HappyFourth context.

3.) Ask those patronizing your business to share their experience with you in a #HappyFourth related post to their personal social media platforms. Businesses can incent these customers through a bonus, promotional item, etc. to help these customers provide social proof to their network of friends.