November 4, 2019

4 Ways to Manage and Train with Front-line Employees in Mind

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The Lack of Front-Line Employee Training in Action:

While traveling I learned a marketing lesson this week and I want to share with you.

Three different nights this week I stayed in a major hotel chain at three different locations. You know when you stay in a hotel and you log onto the Internet it makes you put in your credentials and then also has a splash screen that says this is the most important thing to us right now?

In the case this major hotel chain it’s a partnership with Lyft - so Lyft the Uber competitor.

I went downstairs the next morning to take what I thought was going to be a shuttle to the event. To my surprise, they didn’t have a shuttle, but the man at the front desk said - “Sir, you can get in Uber.” 

So, here’s a major hotel chain spending a lot of money on a marketing initiative, yet the front-line employees haven’t been yet trained or told to say Lyft instead of Uber.

Now, if you’re doing any kind of marketing initiative that’s broad-based, where you want people to think about you a certain way, please make sure you train your front-line employees first so they’re on the same page as you are. 

Manage and Train with Front-line Employees in Mind: 


Ensure that as the boss, you are training your employees to be comfortable with communication. Asking questions is the first step to ensuring open communication is a major focus. Educate your employees about accomplishments in their department, their growth, and how they are an important member of your team. 

Training that Matters: 

Offer training that is specialized to what that employee is doing and the objective they need to be reaching for. Recognize the employees strengths and deliver training that is based on that employees performance. Recognize that the training you offer should develop and enhance their career goals.

Develop an Employee Appreciation Program: 

Feedback matters and your employees want to hear it. Make it clear to your employees that you are monitoring their performance and efforts towards bettering the company. Your front-line employees are directly reflecting your business and influencing the overall business results. Show appreciation and deliver rewards based on the efforts of every employee.

Let them Shape their Work Experience:

Frustration can commonly be a result of too many rules and regulations enforced in the workplace. Make your rules value-oriented and flexible to help create employee satisfaction. When employee satisfaction increases, the quality of work increases, and therefore your customer satisfaction is likely to increase. Gather insights from your front-line employees about how their job can become more enjoyable. Creating a structure and framework for your business does not have to include overbearing rules and micromanaging. 

Taking the time to ensure that carefully hired employees receive the quality of training they deserve will create an overall more enjoyable workplace experience. Create value and a positive experience for not only your customers, but all of your employees as well. 

How are you ensuring that your front-line staff members are aware of partnership marketing strategies?

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