October 5, 2020

5 Elements for a Cool Restaurant Video

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AmpliPhi's Big Five Video Must-Haves

If one of your goals is to get more people into your restaurant or bar, use a video via social media to differentiate from your competition. 

Here are 5 elements to include in your cool bar or restaurant video. 

This is an example of what our team did for local Madison restaurant, Avenue Club and Bubble Up Bar. These 5 elements were incorporated into their video to properly showcase the featured item, a Maple Bacon Pecan Old Fashioned. 

Amazing food & beverage 

+ cool video content 

+ social media


Video by AmpliPhi

5 Elements for a Cool Restaurant Video


We made sure that the intro was subtle and bold and approximately 5 seconds. We showed the branding of the building to display the name of the establishment and then using a graphic overlay (Maple Bacon Pecan Old Fashioned) to talk about what the featured item is.

Help the Lighting

It's a supper club atmosphere and the lighting inside was fairly dim. We used color correcting in the video so it really made the beverage pop in the overall project.

Mess with the Speed

Shooting parts in slow motion helped to establish a feeling when viewing and helped direct people's eyes to the focal points.

Reinforce Branding

After the beverage was finished being made, we reinforced the branding again to remind people where this amazingly delish looking drink could be purchased.

Include Call to Action

It's important to people who are not familiar with your establishment to give them an idea of where they can find you. This is why we included the address of the restaurant at the end of the video. This way the location may resonate with people and it's easier to search for when they're out and about!

Now grab your camera and try it out!

And if color correcting and incorporating slow motion isn't something you're familiar with or looking to learn cause you're busy perfecting dishes and drinks, see below.

Video by AmpliPhi

Our team will come to your establishment to film the creation of your featured item. We'll then edit and package the video just for you! But we don't stop there. 

AmpliPhi also specializes in distribution of your restaurant video to the right people at the right time. Your signature drink will move from unknown to known through our state-of-the-art targeting technology, otherwise known as the right way to use social media!

Learn more about our "Buzz" AKA  Food & Beverage Video Services

Interested in one of your own?

If your restaurant, bar, food truck, tavern, lounge, bistro, watering hole, hot dog stand, pub, home kitchen, or any place that makes cool food or beverages could use a cool video completed in a timely fashion for a reasonable price, fill out this form or give us a call. We'd love to help you out!

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mike schmitz

Mike Schmitz is the Videographer and Motion Graphics Artist at AmpliPhi Social Media Strategies. Whether it's a small production or a custom animated video, Mike can work with you in creating the perfect piece of content to drive marketing campaigns or develop your online presence.

Mike graduated from Madison Media Institute’s Video Production program and is an FAA Part-107 UAS certified drone pilot. Before joining AmpliPhi he was a part of UW Madison's Video Production Team, a Wedding Videographer, and a freelance drone pilot.

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