July 20, 2018

6 Coffee Shops we Love to Work at Around the Madison Area

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6 Coffee Shops we Love to Work at Around the Madison Area

Last year our team jumped ship on cubicle life and moved to a remote work setting. And we love it! We’ve grown accustomed to using tools like Zoom or Facetime for video chats, Soapbox for demonstrations, and Slack for communication. It’s just simple. Our team has the ability to wake up and do what’s best for them instead of the constant “get to the office” process.

And although working remotely is awesome, sometimes it’s nice to get out of the house for a change of pace to channel some different vibes. That’s why we’ve decided to share with you our favorite coffee shops around the Madison area to work remotely from.

  1. Colectivo on the Square

The Tenney Plaza is home to Colectivo on the Square, the Madison area’s very first Colectivo café. Located at the corner of Pinckney & Main, Colectivo on the Square serves hand-roasted coffee which they call the “Session Coffee”, tea, espresso, and their own Colectivo Keg Co. beers.

We love this place because it’s right in the heart of the hustle and bustle of Madison. You can gaze at the Capital building, observe many different types of people, and feel the city’s energy pulsing around you. It’s also perfect if you’re taking in a talk at DreamBank, which we often do. **Added bonus, the internet flies at this location!

  1. Lakeside Coffee

The Lakeside St. Coffee House offers a nice ambiance with a view of Lake Monona. Here you can enjoy organic coffee made from True Coffee Roaster. They also have wine, beer, and live music occasionally in the evenings.

This place is cool because it’s super chill and a bit off the beaten path. It’s typically a place we go when we need to put headphones on and dig deep into a big project. It’s quiet and there aren’t many distractions, except the large train that cruises by every so often. But that’s actually pretty cool because of how close it is to the building. Lakeside also has a

basement level that’s usually not super busy, which offers a nice place for video calls, if needed.  **Added bonus, parking is super simple here with tons of street spots close by.

  1. Cargo Coffee on East Wash

Located on the ground floor of The Constellation on East Washington is Cargo Coffee. A great place for meetings or just getting work done.

This place is awesome because it’s super big. It’s 2-stories and the walls are covered with maps. The main wall of the room is a huge, old-school map of the USSR and Asia. It’s really cool! It’s got tons of windows, which helps with the creative inspiration. **Added bonus, it’s pretty close to Festival Foods, so you can grab dinner on the way home!

  1. Crescendo Espresso Bar + Music Café

Being an espresso bar and music Café, Crescendo offers the best of both worlds, serving coffee, beer, and wine plus live music. They host events all throughout the week featuring local and touring performers.

What we really like about Crescendo is that they serve Anodyne coffee, which is an amazing blend of beans. Also, our entire staff has music in their bloodlines. It just makes sense that this place is one of our favorites. It’s an intimate location but great for inspiration. **Added bonus, the chorizo burrito is yum-licious!

  1. Barriques at Cayuga Court

One of the many Barriques is located on Cayuga Street in Middleton, just off University Avenue. This coffee shop offers a great selection of beer, spirits, and wine along with t

heir full coffee and espresso bar serving their awesome coffee drinks.

We heart Barriques at Cayuga because it’s a great spot to meet clients in the Middleton area and they have a lot of space. A lot of the other coffee shops in this area are smaller, so it’s possible to not get a table if you have a meeting, but we’ve never been let down at this location. **Added bonus at this location, a fireplace! For the chillier days, this is a really nice touch. Comfort beverage in a comfort setting, nothing better.

  1. Tuvalu in Verona

Main St. in Verona is where you can find Tuvalu Coffeehouse. This coffee shop is family-owned and serves 100% fair trade, locally roasted, and organic coffee from Just Coffee and Rishi Tea.  They also feature many different food options and locally sourced goodies.

This shop stands out because it’s got such a homey feel. The walls are covered with works by local artists and half of the place is a gift shop that includes a vast array of different pieces from artists around the globe. Also, it’s right off of the Military Ridge bike trail, which makes it an easy ride for our AmpliPhi west side crew. **Added bonus, the coffee cake is to die for.

A coffee shop is probably one of the best places to chillax, meet interesting people, have a long and meaningful conversation, and most of all

get work done. If you’re in the Madison area, check these shops out. We’ve never been disappointed.

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