June 4, 2019

7 Best Places to Find Background Music for Your Next Video

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7 Best Places to Find Background Music for Your Next Video​

Finding the right background music for your video can be challenging with legalities surrounding copyright, royalties, and other rights infringement matters. It’s essential to use appropriately credited and/or purchased music so that your video does not get banned from YouTube or your chosen social media platform. In this blog post, we’ll cover some of the most popular websites for soundtracks to use in your next video.

First of all, what is royalty-free music? This article from Hooksounds explains the topic in further detail, but a common misconception with royalty-free music is that it’s automatically free to use in your project. In most instances, royalty-free refers to a one-time license that lets the music be used over a set period. Essentially, you are not required to pay subsequent royalty payments after the one-time fee. Royalty fees can range in cost from less than $100 to tens of thousands of dollars depending on the song. No matter which music licensing option you choose, you’ll want to read through the website’s terms and conditions to ensure you’re within rights to use their song in your project.

If you edit your videos in iMovie, there are several jingles and sound effects within the program, free for use in your project.

Created by composer and musician Benjamin Tissot, Bensound offers hundreds of tracks for use in your multimedia project (online videos, websites, animations, etc.) for free as long as you credit Bensound.com. Available genres include acoustic/folk, cinematic, corporate/pop, jazz, rock, and more. In addition to the free music offered, there are several selections to purchase as well.

Within the audio library of the YouTube creator studio, there are many options for free music and sound effects. Sort by genre, mood, and even instrument to find the perfect vibe for your video. To access the library from your YouTube account, go to Creator Studio > Create > Audio Library. 

Did you know that Amazon offers a selection of royalty-free music? For personal, non-commercial purposes, you can find many free or premium tracks starting at just $0.99. The search function within Amazon is somewhat limited, though, so finding a decent soundtrack to use is slightly more complicated.

Designed specifically for YouTube creators, Thematic is a worry-free platform featuring songs that are pre-cleared for monetization without having to worry about licenses, claims, or disputes. The search capabilities at the time of posting are somewhat limited, but if you have the time to sift through and listen to the different songs, there could be some decent options.

Audio Jungle by Envato Market is an excellent option for one-off purchases of music and audio tracks without having to spend a lot of money up front. Averaging between $20-25 per track (up to $1,600 per track), Audio Jungle features more than 120,000 songs for use in your project.

By far, our favorite service to use when finding background music for video is Artlist. It’s a subscription service that offers access to an entire catalog of music along with unlimited downloads for a full year. At only $16.60/month (billed annually) this is one of the most affordable options considering the price of purchasing songs on an individual basis. We’ve been impressed with the quality and quantity of music available on this website.

Even more resources:

Pyramid Tracks

Pyramid Tracks homepage

Pyramid Tracks is a Swedish royalty-free music company that focuses on retro, alternative and obscure music, starting at $19.99 per track.


Hooksounds homepage

HookSounds is home to a highly curated collection of exclusive and curated royalty-free music. They work with some of the best independent artists and also compose music in-house, which allows them to work with brands like Samsung, IBM, UBER, Amazon, and Microsoft. They are also partners with universities like Stanford & Yale, amongst others.

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