DOUBLE your marketing
budget in 7 steps

  • Why establishing credibility milestones can help build trust between you and your boss/client
  • Why it's important to keep track of the marketing strategies you're implementing--and NOT implementing 
  • How to apply a systematic improvement plan to your own marketing or sales strategy 

"Measuring your results is critical for personal goals, but also one of the most important aspects when it comes to our world of marketing."

     - Spencer X. Smith 

Watch the entire 7 steps process presented by Spencer X. Smith

Gain further insight into:
  • Internal content marketing: the importance of educating the people to whom your boss reports
  • Building trust and selling the concepts to those doing business development
  • Who wants what? Marketing vs. sales

Those doing business development don't care about ROI. 

They care about ROTOMA: Return on Top of Mind Awareness.