February 11, 2021

After Effects Plugin Review: Motion Bro

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About Motion Bro:

Motion Bro is a plugin for After Effects and Premiere Pro that makes it easy to import animation presets into your project. Whether you're working on complex infographics or trying to level up your Twitch stream, Motion Bro can benefit any animator.

Let's check out how Motion Bro can help you expedite your animation workflow.

This review will breakdown the two main components of Motion Bro; the storefront and the Motion Bro plugin. This review will not cover individual preset packs.

Motion Bro Marketplace Overview:


Motion Bro hosts a wide range of presets. Including:

  • Infographics
  • Social Media Templates
  • Animated Backgrounds
  • Transitions
  • Sound Effects 

Preset Pricing:

If the preset pack isn't free, each is priced very reasonably for the value you receive. One of our favorite packs is the Toko Graphics Pack. This pack has over 2000 ready-to-go presets for the price of $55, which is roughly 36 cents per preset. 

Motion Bro Plugin Overview:


Motion Bro supports the latest version of Adobe After Effects or Premiere Pro. You can manually install the plugin or install it through the Adobe Exchange for a one-click install. 

Installing the Plugins

Motion Bro allows for hassle-free installation of any preset pack. Within the plugin window, simply select the folder you have the files in. Once loaded, all your files will appear in the plugin window and are ready to use!


With many of the packs containing well over 500 elements, a good UI is a must. Motion Bro has a very efficient UI, with live previews and exceptional sorting. This allows you to easily navigate the hundreds of presets that may be in your library. When you find the one you like, simply drag and drop it onto your timeline. 

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Meet the Author

mike schmitz

Mike Schmitz is the Videographer and Motion Graphics Artist at AmpliPhi Social Media Strategies. Whether it's a small production or a custom animated video, Mike can work with you in creating the perfect piece of content to drive marketing campaigns or develop your online presence.

Mike graduated from Madison Media Institute’s Video Production program and is an FAA Part-107 UAS certified drone pilot. Before joining AmpliPhi he was a part of UW Madison's Video Production Team, a Wedding Videographer, and a freelance drone pilot.

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