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Oct 08

6 Steps to Create a Quality Instagram Influencer Campaign

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6 Steps to Create a Quality Instagram Influencer Campaign

You’ve almost certainly heard the word “influencer” in today’s marketing opportunities and for very good reason.

Adweek estimates Influencer Marketing will be a $10 billion industry by 2020.

Instagram (IG – 1 billion monthly active users) will comprise a huge portion of this growth, and finding those to help promote your brand is easier on this platform than any other.

Here are 6 simple steps (including infographic) we’ve created to help you use Instagram in your company’s campaigns. 

1. Identify your target market

Make sure that you’re using the search function on IG. To do this, go to the platform and click the magnifying glass on the bottom. Click inside the search bar (important step many people miss) and you’ll have the option to select Top, People, Tags, and Places. To search by interest, click Tags and enter your search terms. To search by geographic location, click places and enter the name or physical address.

2. Find influencers

Search for people influential in your target market by both number of followers and engagement percentage. The higher the engagement as a percentage of their followers, the better! A good way to figure out their engagement percentage is to take a handful of recent posts and take the number of likes and comments and divide that by the number of followers. This gives you a good idea of how engaged their following is.

3. Participate in their communities

Don’t just reach out to people without knowing more about them. They may have tons of followers and engagement but that alone doesn’t mean they’re the perfect fit. Before reaching out to potential influencers with an offer to work together, engage in their communities. Comment on their posts and like what they share. Be meaningful and deliberate with your contributions. This may create a thoughtful conversation and the opportunity to get to know your brand.

4. Reach out to them with an offer

Contact the influencer through DM (Direct Message) on IG. Since you’ve been engaging in the community you should be at least someone they’re familiar with. Ask them to help promote your brand or product.

5. Negotiate compensation

Be prepared for any reply. Or none at all. Some influencers will request money, product, or both. In our opinion, make sure you’re definitely willing to give them product. If you want them to speak on behalf of your company, they should at least have the opportunity to use what you’re selling. And when it comes to money, figure out what you’re willing to offer ahead of time. If you have a budget in mind, it’s acceptable to work with someone for a certain amount of time and then revisit the partnership. Just make sure you have determined what success looks like and that both parties are in the loop.

6. Review metrics and update

After hiring an influencer to promote what you’re selling, use metrics to track the success. Use unique identifies or coupon codes to track and gauge which campaigns are working and which are not.

Have you tried using influencer marketing in your campaigns? What success (or horror) stories can you share?

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Aug 27

Top 5 Elements That Must Be in Place for Business Owners & Marketing Directors

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Top 5 Elements That Must Be in Place for Business Owners & Marketing Directors

Here at AmpliPhi, we have the good fortune of working with fantastic marketing directors every single day. If I were to paraphrase a very common concern we hear, it sounds a lot like this: “Spence, just a few years ago, people in my position were expected to do a handful of things – event publicity, press releases, promotional items, and traditional media advertising (print, billboards, TV/radio). Now, it seems there’s a new marketing channel available every single week. Whether it’s digital marketing, social media marketing, or influencers or ambassadors, my team and I have a hard time allocating time and resources.”

Although your company’s business objectives will vary, we’ve prepared these 5 elements to help give you a brief synopsis of the strategies we’re developing with our clients. Hope you find them helpful as well!

1.) Adopt a modern marketing strategy.

Distill your customer/prospect interactions into digital form as often as possible. Whether it’s video, audio, written, or a combination of all three, modern digital marketing allows us to create a repository of content that will benefit your target customers WITHOUT you having to be present. This opportunity for leveraging your knowledge is the most significant shift in marketing that there has ever been.

2.) Create checklists to “know what success looks like.”

Why? All of us can work 24/7 since there’s no longer a definition of a proper work day. Without checklists, you and I have a very, very hard time of knowing when we’re on-the-clock and when we’re not. Create a realistic daily checklist, and once you’re done, you can allow yourself to leave work feeling great.

3.) Create a “not doing” list.

In addition to the must-do checklist in #2, create a list of things you could be doing but chose not to do right now. Why? 2 reasons –

  • a.) It forces you to reconcile the best use of your time right now. By knowing what you’re not doing, you’re telling yourself that the things you ARE doing are the most important and high-value items.
  • b.) A “not doing” list helps assuage that gnawing feeling of “what am I forgetting?” Until you empty your head – so to speak – on a list, you’ll miss things.

Here are Steps to Effectively Implement a “Not Doing” List

4.) Use the checklists from #2 to create a series of systems for others to follow.

Think to yourself, “If I was a brand-new person working in my business, what would I need to do step-by-step to complete this task/project?” Why is this important? All of us are subject to the Curse of Knowledge; we know our businesses so well that we think to ourselves, “Doesn’t everyone know this?” Nope, they don’t. These step-by-step systems will prevent employee/contractor issues in the future since they’ll know what’s expected of them.

5.) Create a company organizational chart, but create the chart based on roles, and not on people.

Spell out each respective function in your business and – even if it’s currently just you – put the name of each person responsible for that function. For example, if one of your company’s roles is Accounts Payable, designate that role as a position on your organizational chart and write the person’s name. Why is this important? Most of us don’t realize how many hats they’re wearing until it’s spelled out visually. When it’s time to grow, we can confidently hand the least-important roles to employees/contractors using the systems from #4 and checklists from #2.

Which of these systems do you have in place for your business? Which one do you NOT have right now that you could see making the most immediate impact?

Jul 20

6 Coffee Shops we Love to Work at Around the Madison Area

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6 Coffee Shops we Love to Work at Around the Madison Area

Last year our team jumped ship on cubicle life and moved to a remote work setting. And we love it! We’ve grown accustomed to using tools like Zoom or Facetime for video chats, Soapbox for demonstrations, and Slack for communication. It’s just simple. Our team has the ability to wake up and do what’s best for them instead of the constant “get to the office” process.

And although working remotely is awesome, sometimes it’s nice to get out of the house for a change of pace to channel some different vibes. That’s why we’ve decided to share with you our favorite coffee shops around the Madison area to work remotely from.

  1. Colectivo on the Square

The Tenney Plaza is home to Colectivo on the Square, the Madison area’s very first Colectivo café. Located at the corner of Pinckney & Main, Colectivo on the Square serves hand-roasted coffee which they call the “Session Coffee”, tea, espresso, and their own Colectivo Keg Co. beers.

We love this place because it’s right in the heart of the hustle and bustle of Madison. You can gaze at the Capital building, observe many different types of people, and feel the city’s energy pulsing around you. It’s also perfect if you’re taking in a talk at DreamBank, which we often do. **Added bonus, the internet flies at this location!

  1. Lakeside Coffee

The Lakeside St. Coffee House offers a nice ambiance with a view of Lake Monona. Here you can enjoy organic coffee made from True Coffee Roaster. They also have wine, beer, and live music occasionally in the evenings.

This place is cool because it’s super chill and a bit off the beaten path. It’s typically a place we go when we need to put headphones on and dig deep into a big project. It’s quiet and there aren’t many distractions, except the large train that cruises by every so often. But that’s actually pretty cool because of how close it is to the building. Lakeside also has a

basement level that’s usually not super busy, which offers a nice place for video calls, if needed.  **Added bonus, parking is super simple here with tons of street spots close by.

  1. Cargo Coffee on East Wash

Located on the ground floor of The Constellation on East Washington is Cargo Coffee. A great place for meetings or just getting work done.

This place is awesome because it’s super big. It’s 2-stories and the walls are covered with maps. The main wall of the room is a huge, old-school map of the USSR and Asia. It’s really cool! It’s got tons of windows, which helps with the creative inspiration. **Added bonus, it’s pretty close to Festival Foods, so you can grab dinner on the way home!

  1. Crescendo Espresso Bar + Music Café

Being an espresso bar and music Café, Crescendo offers the best of both worlds, serving coffee, beer, and wine plus live music. They host events all throughout the week featuring local and touring performers.

What we really like about Crescendo is that they serve Anodyne coffee, which is an amazing blend of beans. Also, our entire staff has music in their bloodlines. It just makes sense that this place is one of our favorites. It’s an intimate location but great for inspiration. **Added bonus, the chorizo burrito is yum-licious!

  1. Barriques at Cayuga Court

One of the many Barriques is located on Cayuga Street in Middleton, just off University Avenue. This coffee shop offers a great selection of beer, spirits, and wine along with t

heir full coffee and espresso bar serving their awesome coffee drinks.

We heart Barriques at Cayuga because it’s a great spot to meet clients in the Middleton area and they have a lot of space. A lot of the other coffee shops in this area are smaller, so it’s possible to not get a table if you have a meeting, but we’ve never been let down at this location. **Added bonus at this location, a fireplace! For the chillier days, this is a really nice touch. Comfort beverage in a comfort setting, nothing better.

  1. Tuvalu in Verona

Main St. in Verona is where you can find Tuvalu Coffeehouse. This coffee shop is family-owned and serves 100% fair trade, locally roasted, and organic coffee from Just Coffee and Rishi Tea.  They also feature many different food options and locally sourced goodies.

This shop stands out because it’s got such a homey feel. The walls are covered with works by local artists and half of the place is a gift shop that includes a vast array of different pieces from artists around the globe. Also, it’s right off of the Military Ridge bike trail, which makes it an easy ride for our AmpliPhi west side crew. **Added bonus, the coffee cake is to die for.

A coffee shop is probably one of the best places to chillax, meet interesting people, have a long and meaningful conversation, and most of all

get work done. If you’re in the Madison area, check these shops out. We’ve never been disappointed.