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Website- SEO Research & Objectives

For what keywords would you like to rank? It’s important to rank for a couple of keywords on each page on your website. We’ll use our tools and resources to figure out what types of content should be created.

6 Lessons

Create Assets

After we’ve determined the path, we’ll collaborate on building the content that will drive traffic into the funnel.

4 Lessons

Targeted Social Media Ads

We’ll create targeted audiences from a combination of your website and social media channels. Then we’ll target ads toward them to start them through the funnel sequence.

1 Lesson

Dedicated Landing Page

When the audience clicks they’ll be directed to a landing page that will include your story, reasons why they should visit you and different call to action buttons to guide them on the sequence.

2 Lessons

Email Marketing Automation

The email automation sequencing following the download of the initial asset will include a series of messages answering questions and providing other helpful assets. This will convert your prospects to customers and garner existing customer loyalty.