June 30, 2020

How to Effectively Tag Business Pages on Facebook

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As the number of social media accounts continues to rise, it can be difficult to find the exact profile you are looking for. Thankfully, Facebook has added a feature that is often overlooked, but has huge implications for marketers and organizations who aim to tag Facebook Business Pages in posts.

Why is this important? It is easier for people to find a Page in Search or through tagging when it has a unique username. This not only helps brands create meaningful relationships with one another, but allows brands to instantly interact with their consumers as well.


  1. View your Facebook Business Page
  2. If you have a username set up, you will see it below your profile photo
  3. To add or change the username (*see note below), click the About tab on the left menu on your page
  4. Select Edit next to username
  5. Create a username that follows Facebook's guideline. Ensure it is unique, adding location/industry if business name is already taken.

NOTE: If you have your profile linked to your website or other areas of your business, please note that changing the username will also change the Facebook Page's URL.


Type the "@" symbol followed by the username. The Page will appear underneath.

If nothing appears, press the space bar.

QUICK TIP: Share your username often so your consumers and partners can easily find you!

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