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Building a Quality Company Page Following on LinkedIn: Proven Tips & Tricks

LinkedIn was designed to benefit those looking to grow their professional network, but now is making a big push to help companies with their profiles and their reach. Spencer X. Smith shares how you can grow your company page followers by only spending 60 minutes per month on LinkedIn and using these 3 simple tricks.

LinkedIn Advertising: How-Tos & Best Practices

Crossing the chasm between “I’ve never heard of you in my life,” to “Yes, I’ve heard of you and your company” is a huge element of business development. Call it branding, call it marketing, or call it account selling - regardless, it’s all about getting your at-bats with the right opportunities. In this webinar, Spencer X Smith from AmpliPhi will show you how your company can use targeted LinkedIn advertising to build recognition with your exact target audience. He’ll share a case study of how am organization grew their revenue while maintaining a very modest budget. You’ll walk away knowing more AND have a complete set of coursework (PDFs, worksheets) to use with your team.

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