May 6, 2020

Is Facebook Down, or is it Just Me?

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How many times have you had an issue logging onto or using the Facebook platform? If you’re at the office, it’s usually easiest to yell to your co-worker, “Hey, Karen! Are you having issues with Facebook?” However, many of us are part of a single-person or small marketing team, and may not have anyone else to consult with.

Below are some helpful hints to tell you whether or not Facebook is experiencing issues.

This is a page hosted by Facebook and is part of their Developers platform. Depending on what the issue is, it may or may not be reported here.

Facebook Developer Platform Status

This page, also hosted by Facebook, tells you if Ad Creation/Editing, Ad Delivery, and/or Ad Reporting are working correctly.

When there’s an issue with almost anything, people love to take to Twitter to complain. In cases like this, it’s to our benefit! Simply search for #FacebookDown and sort results by “Latest.” Double check dates or timestamps to make sure the latest tweets are current.


A handful of third-party sites monitor real-time user reports and announcements to detect issues or outages. You can also submit your own issues here and add to the relevancy of their tracking.

Try These:

Is It Down Right Now?

If you are receiving a specific error message from Facebook, which means they are aware that something is wrong and are working on it.

If you cannot find any issues, outages, or error messages related to what you are personally experiencing, there are a few other things you may want to try:

  • Hard refresh your browser or app
  • Clear your browser cache or cookies
  • Restart your computer, tablet or phone
  • Contacting Facebook Customer Service
  • Wait a few hours and try again

Do you have other tips or tricks to find out about Facebook-related issues or outages? Share in the comments below!

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erin schleicher

Erin is a Client Success Manager who partners with companies to grow their professional brands. After spending over a decade working in events and marketing, Erin specializes in eCommerce and has run hundreds of campaigns using custom audiences and geographic, demographic and psychographic targeting. 

Erin holds an undergraduate degree and MBA in Marketing from the University of Wisconsin and continues to grow her marketing knowledge through conferences, webinars, podcasts and networking.

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