February 27, 2019

Facebook Video Remarketing to Custom Video Audiences

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Facebook Video Retargeting – Remarketing to Custom Video Audiences

Facebook is the greatest advertising platform that has ever been created. From the sheer amount of people that use this social media giant - 2.3 billion monthly active users - to the backend capabilities it has for creating ads and targeting exactly who you are looking for, Facebook has revolutionized advertising.

And on Facebook, video is king. One of the coolest things about using video content on Facebook is that when you use a video in a Facebook ad, or in a post on a page, you have the ability to retarget the people that have watched your video.

How Facebook video retargeting works

Here is how Facebook video retargeting works. Let’s say you create a video ad inside the Ads Manager (Facebook backend). Start by putting some money behind the ad and select a target audience. Once your ad starts running to that audience, people will start seeing your ad and viewing your video. If someone watches the video, they are added to a custom audience that can be retargeted, or shown additional messages from you. This gives you the opportunity to market directly to people who have already shown interest in what you're offering. What a novel concept!

Custom audiences can be created inside the Asset Library in the backend of Facebook. Here is a list of steps to take in order to create your custom audience based off of Video Views.

  • Go to the Asset Library
  • Select Create Audience
  • Select Custom Audience
  • Choose Engagement
  • Choose Video (Create a list of people who have spent time watching your videos on Facebook or Instagram)
  • Choose people to include in the audience based on the length of video viewing time. (3 seconds, 10 seconds, 25%, 50%, 75% or 95%)
  • Click Choose video(s) to select the video you want the audience built from (You can pick more than one)
  • Choose the number of days people will remain in your audience after they engage with your content. People will be removed from your audience after a set time period unless they engage with the content again. (Up to 365 days)
  • Enter a name for your audience
  • Click Create

Your audience will begin populating and is immediately ready for use in any ad creation.

Video retargeting - which content to show audiences

You’re probably wondering what you should show an audience of people who have already watched a certain portion of your video content? Great question! Anything that you want them to see! Duh! Figure out what the next step is in your customer progression and show it to people in this audience.

For example, if your initial video is talking to people about the importance of having car insurance vs. not having car insurance, then create a Facebook audience of people who watched over 50% of that video. Maybe your next piece of content to them is a price guide in a downloadable format. You’ve already proven that the people in your audience are interested in having car insurance because of how much of the video they watched, but they probably want to know what it’s going to cost them. So, create a valuable price guide that includes average rates, coverages and particular needs based upon the type of car they drive. Then put it on your website for them to download after they’ve supplied their name and email address. Now that you’ve collected a little info, you can keep them messages going depending on what your next steps are.

The options are endless. Facebook - and social media in general - have opened up the door to create marketing that is not only finely detailed, but also incredibly useful to your customers. And all at a reasonable price!

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