February 11, 2021

Google Ads Extensions: Increase Click Throughs and Generate More Traffic

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When potential consumers come across your ad on Googleit may be the first time they’re encountering your brand. With limited characters and space in the heading and description for text ads, using extensions is another opportunity to expand on exactly what your business sells or wants to highlight. And the best part? These are FREE to add!

Google Ad Structured Snippet Extension Example

Bose uses Structured Snippets to convey the types of products they sell.


Sitelink Extensions

Google Ads Sitelink extensions work for both Search and video campaigns on YouTube. They may appear differently, dependent upon the device, position or type of ad. The sitelink takes people to a specific page on your website. 

Screen shot of Google Ads Sitelinks extension example

 Lands' End uses Sitelink Extensions to help customers quickly get to their most-shopped categories.


  • Easy to update
  • Detailed reporting data about clicks
  • Conversion tracking
  • Schedule start and end dates
  • Customize for mobile
Mobile screen shot of Google Ads sitelink extensions

Duluth Trading Company uses sitelink extensions to direct customers to their top performing website pages or new products.


Dependent upon the type of campaign and device it's being viewed on, you'll need anywhere from 1- 8 sitelinks. There may also be descriptions that show underneath the sitelink, another opportunity for you to add additional relevant information about your brand or business. 

TIP: Don't confuse your consumers! Keep sitelinks relevant to the original ad. Use descriptions to build off your ad versus repeating the same information.

Promotion Extensions

Highlight sales and specials without making constant updates to your Search ad when you use promotion extensions.

Screen shot of Google Ads Promotion Extensions

Wumblekin uses promotion extensions to advertise a Valentine's Day sale and discount code. 


  • Easy to update
  • Make changes without wiping data
  • Schedule start and end dates or days/times
  • Customize for mobile
Screen shot of Google Ads Promotion Extension Template

How promotion EXTENSIONS work

Promotion extensions are shown just below your ad and create an eye-catching visual for potential customers.

  • Select an optional Occasion, which will appear in bold and display something like Valentine's Day or Back to School
  • Promotion type allows you to select a monetary or percentage discount to display
  • The Item line gives up to 20 characters to describe details of the promotion
  •  Promotional details are requirements needed to complete the promotion, such as a discount code.

Structured Snippets

Google Ads Structured Snippet Extensions show beneath the text ad's Headline(s) and Description(s). On desktop, an ad may show up to 2 headers at a time, while mobile will only show one.

Google Ads Structured Snippet Extension

 Magnolia uses Structured Snippets to share the types of items they sell.


  • Increased quality score by boosting ad relevancy and click-through rate
  • Highlight additional info specific to your business
  • Shows in addition to other extensions 
  • No additional cost
Screen shot of Google Ads Structured Snippet Creation

Structured Snippets Value Options

How structured snippets work

3 - 10 values may be added to any extension with a maximum of 25 characters each. Use this section to expand upon the selected header and give viewers more information.

TIP: Include at least 4 values (if possible) to provide your audience with enough information. Make sure that the values coincide with your selected headers - don't try to trick Google or your ads may be disapproved!

Callout Extensions

Google Ads callout extensions are easy to use and act as a continuation and enhancement of your ad copy.

Screen shot of Google Ads Callout Extensions example

Toppers uses callouts to give more specifics about their pizza and available options.

using callout extensions

  • Keep text short 
  • Be specific
  • Use eye-catching features that differentiate your product from your competitors
  •  Schedule start and end dates
  • Schedule days/times 

Price Extensions

Google Ads price extensions are easy to use and act as a continuation and enhancement of your ad copy.

Google ads price extension example

Wumblekin uses price extensions to give consumers a quick glance at box prices.

BENEFITS OF callout extensions

  • Showcase your offerings
  • Less clicks to a conversion
  • Flexible and customizable
  • Easy to use with preset header types

App Extensions

Google Ads app extensions create the ability for you to link directly to your app from an ad - both from mobile or a website.

Google Ads App Extensions

Peloton uses an app extension on mobile to encourage customers to install now.

benefits of app extensions

  • Detailed reporting for app-specific clicks
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Smart detection of device (corresponding to app store)
  • A great way to advertise your app in addition to your Search ad!


In your Google Ads account, click on an existing Search ad, then find Extensions under Ads & extensions. Choose from the list and follow the steps to build out the extension.

Google Ads Structured Snippet Extension

Do you have best practices for Google Ads extensions? Let us know in the comments below!

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