December 16, 2019

How to Grow Your Following and Increase the Buzz Around Your Brand

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First things first, you will need to amp up your personal LinkedIn page or create an account. It isn't as daunting as it seems, simply fill out the basics-your current and past companies, education, a photo, and your location.

Reporting this data will allow the platform to suggest other LinkedIn users similar to you, old coworkers, college alum, etc to send a connection* request to. Along with these suggestions, you should search for friends and family to grow your own personal network**. This may seem counterintuitive- why bother to build a following on your own page, this is about your company, right? Yes, however by doing this first, you conquer an inevitable hurdle- that users must first accept you (your personal page) as a 'connection' in order for you to invite them to follow your company page.

         Next Steps...

  • Make sure you are an admin of your existing company page, or if one does not exist, create yours through clicking 'Work' on the top menu bar, and then select '+ Create a Company Page'
  • You navigate to your company page by clicking the 'Me' section arrow (found in the menu below your personal LinkedIn icon) and selecting the correct page at the bottom of this pop up menu.
  • *Connection- Friend

    **Network- Friends List

Regardless if your company page is new or pre existing-take this time to make sure the information and images are up to date, the industry is correctly categorized, and your website is linked and functioning. You do not want to lead users to a company page that is incomplete or misleading. 

Once on your Company Page...

You may see a column appear if in admin mode, that is titled 'Invite Connections' with 3 suggestions LinkedIn has made on your behalf. Or follow the steps below to send invitations to your network.

  1. Select 'Admin Tools'
  2. Under Extend your Reach- click the new button: 'Invite Connections'
  3. A pop up will appear, here you can search for connections NOT already following your page
  4. Make a goal to invite 50 LinkedIn users each day to follow your Company page

How have you utilized LinkedIn? Did you already know how to invite people to like your company page? Leave a comment if we missed anything!

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Lauren is a Client Success Manager at AmpliPhi Social Media Strategies. She has continually proven to be a valuable asset to our team with her ability to develop, create and implement client training materials and her consistent growth and knowledge with strategic planning and website development. 

Lauren graduated with honors from the University of Florida earning a BA in Economics and a minor in Retail Leadership. Lauren is based in Fort Myers, FL, as our only remote team member.

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