March 17, 2021

How to Reduce your Facebook CPM

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There’s a lot to consider as you run an ad campaign, especially on Facebook.

One important metric to keep an eye on is your Facebook CPM, which is the cost per thousand impressions. If you’ve been watching this number get higher and higher, you may want to consider learning how to reduce your Facebook ad CPM.

For that, follow these six tips to get started.

Reducing your Facebook CPM

There are several ways you can work to reduce your Facebook ad cost per thousand impressions, while still ensuring your ad can reach the highest click-through rate possible. 

Let’s break down the top ways to optimize your CPM.

1. Target the right audience

First things first, be sure you know the audience you’d like to get your ad out in front of. It doesn’t matter how good your ad is. If it’s not showing up to the right audience, all your effort will go to waste. 

So, the first step toward reducing your CPM is optimizing your target audience. Once your ad and audience are in sync, your CPM will slowly start to decrease.

2. Broaden your audience

Another way you can reduce your Facebook CPM is by broadening your audience to reach as many people as possible. While it may mean that, as you increase the size of your audience, Facebook will show your ad to a slightly less targeted group of people, Facebook will actually lower your CPM when you give it more options for who to show your ad to.

3. Improve your ad’s relevance score

Because your ad’s relevance score and your CPM go hand-in-hand, it’s in your best interest to improve it if you want to lower your CPM.

When your ads are more relevant and you focus on being as engaging as possible to your target audience, Facebook will notice and reward you by showing the ad to more people, for less money. This will lower your CPM.

4. Consider A/B testing

A/B testing, or split testing, can often help you understand what exactly is working, what’s appealing to our audience, and so on, so give this a shot to lower your CPM.

It’s crucial if you want to lower your CPM that you test your audience to make sure you’re speaking to, and showing your ad, to the right people. Utilize the split test feature in Facebook Ads to do your own A/B test.

5. Add engaging features

There are a lot of Facebook ads floating around out there, so make sure yours stands out from the crowd. To make your ad more appealing you can add memes, gifs, videos, and similar eye-catching details. 

These will help grab that user’s attention and give your post a higher chance of users engaging and wanting to read more. Engagement and shares will help your post to gain more impressions.

6. Choose the right format

Did you know that when you choose to make your ad a video, it may help you to reduce your CPM?

For instance, Facebook allocates more of its ad space to video than any other type of media. On the same note, there are fewer advertisers using video ads. This combination yields to a decreased demand and an increased supply -- which then makes for a sizable decrease in CPMs.

The lower the better!

Lowering your Facebook CPM is possible! Roll up your sleeves and get started applying these six expert tips to your Facebook advertising strategy and see what results you end up with!

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Erin is a Client Success Manager who partners with companies to grow their professional brands. After spending over a decade working in events and marketing, Erin specializes in eCommerce and has run hundreds of campaigns using custom audiences and geographic, demographic and psychographic targeting. 

Erin holds an undergraduate degree and MBA in Marketing from the University of Wisconsin and continues to grow her marketing knowledge through conferences, webinars, podcasts and networking.

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