How to Utilize Facebook Events for Free Marketing of your Business 

 May 20, 2019

By  Lauren Miles

How to Utilize Facebook Events for Free Marketing of your Business

Whether you are holding an every week special or a brand new event at your location of business-Facebook Events are your friend. And oh yeah, did I mention that to create one them is completely FREE.

Similar to a page post, some of you may have ‘boosted’ an event before from your business page. This option allows you to put money behind the event/post to have Facebook target the area/demographics you choose for an allotted amount of time. This is of course an effective way to get your business or event in the news feeds of your target customers.

Why should you create Facebook Events?

There doesn’t need to be monetary contribution behind this advertising. Creating an event is 100% free, and it is tied to a location based off of your selected address when setting up the event itself. Therefore when someone in your area goes to view events, you will be included in their results page.

I can speak from experience that I myself, have gone to the Facebook Events tab in search of more than simply to make sure I didn’t miss a friend’s birthday. I have discovered several new restaurants/bars and even a concert in my local area that I had never heard of, all from these free Facebook Events.

Once someone clicks to respond to the event: whether it be that they are ‘going’ or ‘interested’ that response can organically show up in their friends’ feeds along with your event preview and link. If you are new to the concept, or want a refresher, below outlines the 3 steps to creating your free advertisement.

How To Create a Facebook Event:

  1. Go to your Business Facebook Page, and select ‘Events’ in the left hand main menu.
  2. Click to ‘Create Event’.
  3. Add Photo/Video and Event Detail in the Pop Up Screen
    TIP: If you have a Weekly Special-simply select ‘Weekly’ for the Frequency and Facebook will run it for you so you only need to create the event once! Pretty neat, huh?

To Edit Events simply return to the Events tab on your page and you can view and select your list of upcoming events.

I recommend taking advantage of this free advertising that Facebook has gifted us. Use this also as an opportunity to look into your business model and create some events or specials that you can gather some hype around. Simply because to you, your business’ event seems ‘run of the mill’ that does not mean it isn’t event worthy!

Lauren Miles
Client Success Manager at Ampliphi Social Media Strategies

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