June 16, 2020

Inviting Connections to Follow Your Company LinkedIn Page

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Looking to grow your following and increase the buzz around your brand? Take advantage of LinkedIn's Invite Connections feature. New restrictions have been added to Company Page Admin's ability to Invite Connections. Let's break it down. 

How to Invite Connections to Follow Your LinkedIn Company Page


Limitation on who you can invite

Page Admins can only invite their 1st-degree connections (LinkedIn users that have accepted them as a connection on their personal profile). If the page has multiple admins, you can leverage the 1st-degree connections of the group by giving them the ability to extend requests to their network to like the company page.


Limitation on how many you can invite

Your pending connection requests are available by the total number of "credits".

How it Works:

  • Sending out an Invitation = 1 Credit (-1 credit)
  • When an invitation is accepted, the credit is earned back to the page total (+ 1 credit)
  • When an invitation is rejected by the user or withdrawn (cancelled by the sender), the credit isn’t earned back (-1 credit)

Admin Level Credits VS Page Level Credits

Admins have an individual daily limit on the number of invitations they can send.

All admins share the Page's collective credits available, which renew on the first day of every month.

The Page Credits overthrow the Admin Credits

Ex: If the Page has 10 Credits Remaining, and the Admin has 20-the admin can ONLY send 10, regardless of their credit.


The "Credit" Method

With the text explanation given from LinkedIn of how Company Page's Invite Connections credits are managed-it can be hard to imagine this set of rules in action. Below is a Mock Example of the process.

Due to this new limitation-extend invites to those you believe will accept so that you can continue to grow your page following. Run out of credits? Use your personal LinkedIn page to post an update to your network promoting your company page while you wait for your credits to refresh!

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