An Overview of LinkedIn Events 

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 July 7, 2020

By  AmpliPhi

LinkedIn has added the ability to create events on the platform to be hosted by you or your company. Let's break down what is capable with LinkedIn events and how to get started!

Highlighted Features

Event Privacy

Public events can be found through search or by direct URL. All information is visible to the public and any LinkedIn member can engage with the event (comment, share, attend, invite others, etc).

Private events are only visible to LinkedIn members the organizer explicitly invites and through the event page URL link. You can select to allow your invites to send invitations to their connections on LinkedIn. With this privacy setting, anyone other than your invited connections and member referrals will need to be approved by the Event Organizer to be added to the attendee list.

Public Event Share Option:
Targeted Audience

Within your existing network (or page following) you can choose to have the event shared to your followers with certain attributes. If the amount is too small, you will receive the message shown to the right. You can add more attributes, or, if you do not have at least 300 followers, you will need to share the post to your entire network.

LinkedIn Event Creation

Attendee List

Once a LinkedIn member marks "Attend," the attendee list becomes public to them. This offers a great opportunity for the group to connect with one another before the event.

LinkedIn Event Invite Request
LinkedIn Event View Attendee List
LinkedIn Event Access to Attendees


 Invitation requests are received in the user's network inbox, not in their notifications.

Posts Within the Event

Posts can be made by the organizer and attendees to share ideas, images, and videos about the event within the feed. The organizer can also upload documents to the event feed to share with attendees.

Posts with a LinkedIn Event


Posts made within the event feed can only be viewed by other attendees.

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