July 7, 2020

An Overview of LinkedIn Events

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LinkedIn has added the ability to create events on the platform to be hosted by you or your company. Let's break down what is capable with LinkedIn events and how to get started!

What is a LinkedIn Event?

You can create LinkedIn events for in person meet-ups and virtual events.

Per LinkedIn: "This feature helps grow active, professional communities by building authentic, face-to-face relationships. LinkedIn members can use the feature to connect online with other members so they can meet them offline in a professional capacity."

Where to Find LinkedIn Events

IMPORTANT: Where you create the event determines the options of who the host can be. The event organizer cannot be changed once the event has been created.

1. Home Page

To make your personal profile the event 'organizer', and not your Company, you must create the event from the event tab on your LinkedIn home page.

From this create event window (entered from the tab found on the home page), you can also choose to have the organizer a company page (so long as you are an admin on that page). For those with admin rights of multiple company pages on LinkedIn, this button can save a step - as you can create from all associated accounts here.

LinkedIn Events from Home Screen

2. Company Page

When creating an event from the company page (under Admin tools) you do not have the option to host the event from your personal LinkedIn profile or any other company you are an admin of.

Creating the event from the company page does not have any advantages or disadvantages over doing so from the home page.

LinkedIn Events from Company Page

The "Create Event" Form

LinkedIn Event Form

Logo & Cover Photo

LinkedIn does not have your logo or any images stored for use, so you will need to use one saved on your device. If the event has a specific logo/collaboration with another company, feel free to choose whichever works best! LinkedIn offers editing tools once selected.


If you are creating the event from your own profile you will see a drop down menu to select the desired host.

Is this an Online Event?

If you switch to 'No' the location and venue details boxes will appear. NOTE: The broadcast link will appear in each situation but is not required on either.

Date & Time

If the event is being held over multiple days, and you are involved in its entirety, then enter the full length of the event here. If you are participating in a presentation, or single day of an event that you would like to distinguish from the 3rd party event as a whole - showcase you or your company's role within that event. Pay attention to the timezone!


You have up to 5,000 characters to enter for your event description. This works in your favor if you do not have a website page to send potential attendees to and need to provide all information within this page.

If you do have an external URL or ticketing website, you should not rely on users clicking to travel off platform in order to find out more information. Use this space to sell your event. Provide the big picture and necessary details that will resonate with your target audience, leading them to take the next step and self-select themselves as quality leads. 

LinkedIn Form

Event Privacy

Public Events can be found through LinkedIn, web engine search, or by direct URL. All of the information entered in the event creation form is viewable and any LinkedIn member can engage with the event (comment, share, attend, invite others, etc).

Private Events are only accessible to LinkedIn members you explicitly invite and/or to those who are given the event page URL. Once selected, you will have the option to allow your attendees to send invitations to their connections on LinkedIn. With this privacy setting, anyone other than your invited connections and their member referrals, will need to be approved by the event organizer in order to be designated as 'attending'. 

Should my LinkedIn event be Private or Public?

This depends on the style and exclusivity of your event. Private events work better for local networking events where the subject matter, or connections among the members is relevant. If you are looking to promote your event to those outside of your immediate network (1st degree connections) the event should be public! This setting allows for your network to share the event among their connections and for the event to be found by any LinkedIn user in organic search. Regardless of the privacy setting, once members select "Attend" (or are approved), they have access to the list of other attendees. 

Sharing your LinkedIn Event

Once you enter all required information (marked with an *) click to "Create". The pop up below will appear with your sharing options. You are able to share the event once created, with the same options given upon creation - which differs based on the selected event privacy.

For Public Events


Shares your event post to your entire network and is visible by direct link.

targeted audience

Within the organizer's network or associated page following, you can choose to have your event post shared only to users with certain attributes. If the size is too small, you will receive the message shown to the right. You can add more attributes, or if you do not have at least 300 followers, you will need to share the post to your entire following.

advanced settings

This allows you to toggle comments on the event share post (not the event itself) on/off.

Sharing your LinkedIn Event

For Private Events

When clicking "create" on a Private Event you will be taken directly to the "share" window. Below, you see LinkedIn's canned message filled in for you. You can exit this window and it will not affect the event. 

Within this window, you can click on "Anyone" to display your share options. Note these are different than the ones shown previously for a Public Event.

You can share this event with "Anyone" despite it being set up as a private event. Since you are providing the link to the public they can view the event, but are not able to search for it. 

Share private LinkedIn Event

After your Event is Made...

The box shown to the right will appear on your event page after creation, and act as a checklist.

Inviting Attendees 

You can invite your connections at any time before the event date. 

Use the button on the 'checklist' or the invite connections button on the event page.

You can filter your connections by attributes in the pop up window. 

The Attendee List 

NOTE: Once a LinkedIn member marks "attend" the attendee list becomes public to them.

This offers a great opportunity for the group to connect prior to the event.

Linkedin Event

Share the Event at any time

You and your invited connections can share the event to their networks for public events.

TIP: ONLY the organizer has the ability to tailor the shared messages to different demographics within their network using the "target audience" button for public events.

Post within the Group

Posts can be made by the organizer and attendees to share ideas, images, and videos about the event within the feed. This is a great way to provide updates and encourage communication among attendees before and after attending the event.

Here the organizer can also upload documents to the event feed to share with attendees.

NOTE: Posts made within the event feed can only be viewed by other attendees.

LinkedIn Event Form

Visit the Learning Center for a printable 1-page PDF of this blog, covering the main features available with LinkedIn Events.

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