June 23, 2020

Re-Engaging Video Viewers or Lead-Gen Ads On LinkedIn

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You've created the content and published on your social media channels. Now what? Don't sit back and let your potential customers forget about you. Stay top of mind with re-engaging on LinkedIn!


LinkedIn (finally catching up to Facebook and YouTube) now allows advertisers to re-engage (or retarget) an audience of people who have viewed a certain percentage of a video.

Why is this important? We can now target those who aren't overtly (e.g. liking, commenting) engaging with your posts. On LinkedIn, many users don't take the time to react to posts in which they have interest, and this allows us to drive down our ad costs by narrowing our audience.

re-engaging on linkedin with video views


Those who interact on LinkedIn with your lead-gen forms are your most viable prospects.

Often, people will be on the verge of downloading your digital asset (e.g. whitepaper, checklist, etc.) but not take action. These ads "remind" them to go that extra step and submit the form. Again, this drives down our costs by narrowing audiences.

re-engaging on linkedin with lead-gen ads
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