February 24, 2020

Social Media Video Tips From Our Resident Expert

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Team Member Mike Schmitz is an experienced videographer who makes both us and our clients look really good here at AmpliPhi Social Media Strategies. A recent interview with Mike explains why you should invest your time creating video content to share on your social media channels. Mike gave us an inside look to his job and the best free tools he uses to enhance his work! 

Why is video better for engagement on socials than images? 

Videos are becoming more and more popular to use on the web and social media. As a marketing agency, we find them extremely important to use it to enhance your business or even your personal brand.  

 Videos are incredible attention-grabbers. As humans, our eyes are naturally drawn to movement. How many times have you stopped scrolling for a video rather than an image with text? You could have better post engagement, drive more traffic to your website, and even increase conversions on ads.  

 Since video is not only visual, but auditory as well, you can have a deeper connection with your audience. By choosing the right audio to pair with your video, you can create a production that tells a story to the audience. This lets you evoke more emotions and encourages your audience to like, comment, and share more than a generic picture with text. 

 Videos are more personable. They allow for the viewers to get a sense of the personality behind the camera as well as on the screen. When talking to your audience on camera, rather than through captions or ad copy, you captivate the viewer and he or she will want to learn more about you.

 Videos often convert viewers to fans and this increases loyalty. If the engagers watching the video feel like they know you, they will become interested in exploring more of your content. This loyalty helps to increase overall engagements on your posts and helps for new engagers to become fans as well. 

What are the 3 best free tools to help you create videos for social media? 

Some of my favorite free tools for creating social media videos are Pexels (free stock video), YouTube Audio Library (free music library), and Adobe Spark (editing platform). With only these tools you can start producing social media content without spending a dime.


Pexels offers high quality pictures and videos for free, no strings attached, to any content creator. They offer a wide variety of photos and videos. It often fits my projects needs no matter what I'm working on. Pexels gets its content from anyone who chooses to upload their pictures or video, but only accepts the highest quality. This ensures you will never download poor quality photos or videos.  


YouTube Audio Library

Finding free music for videos can be incredibly difficult and good free music is few and far between. YouTube has created a library of quality tunes cleared for use in any production. This is in my opinion the best free resource for free music. 



Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a versatile tool which you can use to create content optimized for any mainstream platform. Adobe Spark offs great typography, custom themes, and a limited stock photos/videos library. You can access Adobe Spark on any mobile device, or you can find it on the web.  


Through video you can help to tell a story about your business, share testimonials, or simply create entertainment for your followers. Your videos don’t need to be overly complex in the production process. If a video has good content and a solid message, it doesn’t matter if it is filmed on the top video equipment or simply through an iPhone. To read more on why your video does not need to be overly complicated click here: ‘Un-produce It’ Blog.

What are your favorite videos to share on your own social channels? Can you think of something we missed? Let us know in the comment below! 

Meet the Author

mike schmitz

Mike Schmitz is the Videographer and Motion Graphics Artist at AmpliPhi Social Media Strategies. Whether it's a small production or a custom animated video, Mike can work with you in creating the perfect piece of content to drive marketing campaigns or develop your online presence.

Mike graduated from Madison Media Institute’s Video Production program and is an FAA Part-107 UAS certified drone pilot. Before joining AmpliPhi he was a part of UW Madison's Video Production Team, a Wedding Videographer, and a freelance drone pilot.

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