October 14, 2019

The Top Mistakes Seen In Social Media Marketing Today

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The Top Mistakes Seen In Social Media Marketing Today

The first thing I noticed with social media marketing is that commonly people are trying to sell stuff or trying to get someone to hire them. A lot of people try and highlight their core competencies and what they can do for you to make money. 

Now, don't get me wrong, this is a very important thing to do and social media has an unlimited amount of space to do so.

Social media allows an unlimited amount of content to be created, shared, and liked. The problem is, most people have no reason to listen to that message until the exact right time when it can provide value. 

A prime example of this is the beer commercials you see running during a football game. The commercial says, "hey don't you want this". Once this message is seen enough times by the audience, they eventually realize that they do. 

So heres a story to put it all into perspective...

I had a reporter reach out to me and she said, "We have used you before for a piece and right now we are doing a new piece about Instagram marketing for professional services marketing". Now I can't think of a single professionals service practice, with which we work, whether it's in legal, financial services, or banking that we utilize Instagram. However, I didn't say that to her right off the bat. I took the time to analyze the data and what we do individually here at AmpliPhi. So I took the time to do this and wrote something up and the article went live. 

This is really important because instead of saying, "no I am not interested". I said, "let me at least try to add value to your audience and have this piece that you can then use us as your expert". 

We want to better serve the audience and find what will work for them. This creates trust between the audience and the person they are turning to for advise. 

Take a look at how you are leading teams and how you are leading projects as two really good ways for you to share with an audience, what it is that you are figuring out. The number one struggle heard from people about the number one thing they do in their job is no one prepped them to do project management or they don't really know how to lead a team. 

So what I ask you to consider doing is in your day to day work that you're doing, think about 'I ran into this situation with a project. I ran into this situation with a person.' Share what it is that you learned and what it is that others can learn from you. After awhile, the audience will begin to wonder what it is you do for work.

The more you can get people to trust you in order to get them to hear a message from you, the better off you will do. 

Another example to put this into perspective is, think of your favorite band. If you hear a song that you really like, are you more or less likely to look up that band? Of course the answer is more likely. You hear a song you really like, you research the band, and you discover other pieces of content that you enjoy. 

Start to put together a catalog of content that your audience can look back on. The more content you create, the more people are going to trust you. It isn't that one song that is going to make you a fan of the band. 

With social media we have unlimited data, we don't need to rely on a reporter to prompt us with a question. You can simply say 'this is what we do at our business'. 

I hope this starts off your week well! Go out and be helpful today. 

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