March 10, 2021

Top 3 Free After Effects Plugins

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Plugins for After Effects can enhance your current workflow or add completely new features. Often times, you have to purchase these plugins, but after doing some digging, we found the top 3 free plugins that every After Effects user should add to their tool box. 

1. Duik Bassel

Duik Bassel by Rainbox lab is an all-in-one character rigging and advanced animation plugin. Duik's Bassel allows you to create advanced 2D character rigs right inside After Effects. In addition to rigging, Duik also can create constraints, controllers, animation presets and much more.

Duik Bassel's simple UI creates an incredibly powerful plugin that can do a lot in just a few clicks. 

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2. TextEvo

TextEvo is the perfect for plugin for creating a more efficient workflow for text animation. 

If you have ever worked with Text Animators, you know it can be awfully tedious to setup, animate, and adjust. TextEvo aims replaces Text Animators with an easy-to-use plugin. With a couple of clicks, you can build text animations you would normally use Text Animators for.

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3. TextBorder

TextBorder is another simple plugin that can make your animation workflow much more efficient. TextBorder allows for the creation of dynamic borders that automatically fit around your text. The best part about this is, as your text changes, the border changes as well. You have plenty of customization options including, color, scale, dashes, gradients, stroke thickness, and more, giving you complete control over the style.

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