October 28, 2019

Utilize AirDrop To Enhance Your Social Media Content

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Airdrop Photos from your iPhone to your Mac: 

Resulting in Better Quality Images for Social Shares

What is Airdrop?

Airdrop can only be used on and with Apple Products.

As long as the device you wish to send content to is within a certain range-you can share photos & videos.

Why use Airdrop

Well Airdrop is superior to Email or Text Messaging content because:

  1. It automatically saves to your iPhone's Photo Library/Your Computer Downloads Folder
  2. The image/video quality is not compromised
  3. It is faster and easier
  4. Sometimes you can mistakenly send photos to a random person while out in public or vise versa and get a laugh out of it

Each device has a name associated with it-If you have set up a name on iTunes for your device this will show (i.e Lauren Miles iPhone or embarrassingly, as my laptop says Sheila Miles. If not, the icon may read iPad or iPhone (hence sending the wrong photo thing).

Why Marketers Should Use Airdrop:

With as much content as you produce as a business owner, you could use a life hack like this. As Instagram only allows you to post from mobile device, and Facebook offers both-Airdrop can help make mobile posting much easier.

Once you edit/select which photos you want to post from your phone, you can send these easily to your Mac Laptop for Facebook Posting. On the other hand, if you have your content on your computer and wish to post them to Instagram, you can easily send the files from your Mac Laptop right into your iPhone photo album.

Sounds good right? Let us explore more.

How to Send Content through Airdrop:

Enable Airdrop On Your iPhone 

First, make sure your device is discoverable. Put your AirDrop receiving setting to "Everyone". Go to your Phone Settings>General>Airdrop.

Now you can be sure your icon will show on the other device so that you can begin to send content. Let me show you how it works.

Airdropping an Image from Photo Album

  1. Go to your Photo Album
  2. Go to a photo, and click the Share icon (the same one you click to text, make a photo your wallpaper etc)
  3. You will see the icons of devices near you, or where they would show up if present
  4. Simply click the device icon you wish to send items to and around the device icon you will see a progress percentage around the icon selected
  5. (Waiting...Sending...Sent)

Airdrop On The Receiving Phone

Now, the phone will receive a pop-up message asking if you would like to accept the Airdrop. Once you click 'Accept' the image(s) or video(s) will be automatically placed in your Photo Album on your iPhone.

If you click 'Decline' nothing happens and it does not alert the other party. The only time this can come in handy is if you are in public and know it was not meant (or was meant) for you and you do not want the content. 

Enable Airdrop From Your Laptop

1. Click on the Finder icon on your Laptop Dock.

2. Select Airdrop from the menu on the lefthand side. Here, make sure your AirDrop receiving setting is to Everyone. 

Here you will see no icons exist in this photo. Once you Unlock/Open your iPhone - wait for the icon to appear-it will look like the following image.)

How to Send Content through Airdrop on your Laptop:

1. Keep this window open and drag and drop files. (You can open a new window or drag from your desktop)

2. Click on the file to open in Preview then up on the main menu at the top, select File-Share-Airdrop

NOTE: Receiving content to your laptop does not require approval, the content will automatically download to your downloads folder.

iPhone Airdrop Troubleshooting:

If the receiver's phone icon does not appear:

  1. Make sure the device is open/past the lock code.
  2. Check to ensure both phone's/devices Airdrop settings are set to Everyone - refer to this section.

Mac Airdrop Troubleshooting:

If the image comes to your computer as the following file - HEIC (or another other than what you need) open the image from your Downloads folder into Preview, click File, then Export, and choose which format you would like.

As always, try turning the Airdrop on/off on your phone and computer if you do not see the other device present.

How have you used Airdrop? Your business can benefit greatly by saving time and the quality of your images!

Want to learn more? Visit our resource library with comprehensive guides and walkthroughs.

Includes PDFs, checklists, and everything you need to get started.

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