May 27, 2020

Recommendations for Creating an Extensive Website Audit

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Recently, I created a 58-page, full website audit for a client. It may sound crazy, but only by fully dissecting the website was I able to discover the areas that were lacking in meeting the client's business objectives. 

So, how did I do it?  

I performed a technical site auditran through the user experience, and compiled a visual report with the data discovered above, including screenshots from the site. 

Simple, right? Of course not. However, the good news is that it isn’t as daunting as it seems. Below are helpful tips and free programs you can use to create your own site audit. 

-Lauren Miles

Quick Tip: Use Chrome Extension Plugins | Cookie Integrations & Screen Capture

If you have social media pixels or Google Analytics attached to your website, downloading the extensions below are an easy way to make sure they are functioning site wide. Full Page Screen Capture will help in preparing a visual presentation or report to depict your findings.

Website Technical Audit Programs

Google Analytics  

Google Analytics is free to use and helps you understand how people use your site so that you can take action to improve their experience. 

Login or register an account to view all of your website data. I recommend taking a look at the 3 reports below:

 Most Viewed Pages:

Learn which pages people are visiting and spending time on vs which pages people are landing on and leaving. Fix pages to keep users more engaged, such as adding images,  a call to action, links to other pages on your site and/or a contact form based on your business objectives. 

Mobile vs Desktop Users: 

Do you have a lot of traffic coming from mobile devices? No matter how amazing your site may look on desktop, the importance of having a mobile-friendly site is undeniable. Ensure your site is mobile-friendly! 

Acquisition Channels: 

Break down your traffic by source. Are there channels where you should focus more or less of your time based on performance? Make sure your site is linked correctly and prominently on all channels, including your social profiles. 

PageSpeed Insights

Check for issues that may be causing your site to load slowly or interfere with the user experience. To see your report enter your site URL on PageSpeed Insights.

  1. Review the Mobile and Desktop Scores 
  2. Click on the Opportunities” and “Diagnostics” section items 
  3. Under these items, WordPress plugins are suggested along with information on the item/ to learn more on the solution.  

Experience the Website as an End User

Google Your Page

You need to see your site from the user's perspective and there is no better way than searching your content in Google. Focus on the Page Titles and Page Descriptions. Learn more at YoastSEO: Choosing the right Meta Description.

Are your Page Titles unique and descriptive? 

Weak to Strong Page Title: Home Page vs. AmpliPhi vs. AmpliPhi: Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing 

A Page Description, or "Meta Description" is the brief snippet you see underneath a site’s title in Google’s organic search results. These are autogenerated from the page content. If you choose to customize follow these tips: 

  • Avoid repeating your page title in the page description.  
  • Use specific and concise descriptions for each page on your website.

Page Title: Contact Us.                                      Meta Description: Contact Us. Let's Chat...

Click All Links, Photos, Emails, Phone Numbers, Buttons, Etc.  

Starting on your Home page, go through your entire site page by page and click on all: 

Links: Menu items (header, sidebars, and footer), in-text links, and call to action buttons
Are they functioning properly?  Do these open in the same tab or open in a new tab/window?  

Rule of thumb: Have external links (directs user to an outside website) open in a new tab so users can easily return to your website. Internal links (directs user to a different page within your site should open in the same tab.

Photos: Purposeful (linked) and decorative (non-linked, or so you think...) 
Check to see if a link is added to all photos. Why? Website builders that host your media attribute a designated URL to your images and sometimes will auto-link your image to that designated URL. For decorative images, remove this link on the image to avoid directing users to this image-only page. 

Phone Numbers and Emails 
How you link a phone number or email upon click depends on your web builder’s style, whether the coding is done automatically for you, or a “mailto:” prefix is used in lieu of a URL, be sure to check that these are working (and working correctly)!  

Creating a Website Audit Presentation | Free Programs

Google Slides 
"The free PowerPoint alternative"

Google Slides is included with your Google Account. Create, edit, and collaborate with others on presentations. 

About Google Slides

Learn about Google Slides

"Best for all social media and business needs"

Canva offers many pre made templates, making your project look professional and saving you time up front. Your work also auto saves as you create and is accessible to anyone with the login. Once finished, Canva offers multiple download formats, including PDF and PPXT (PowerPoint) files. 

Go To Canva  

canva.com create presentations

Note: Canva is free or you can upgrade to a premium account

Finally, when you are ready to make changes... 

We recommend Updraft Plus Plugin for WordPress Users

Before you begin to upload plugins or make major changes on your site, it is wise to create a back up first (and as often as you wish)! Using a system-wide back up will allow you to revert the entire site back to it's original state (from the time of back up), saving you time from manually revising changes to your pages, posts, plugins, products, etc. 

UpdraftPlus is a WordPress plugin that simplifies backups and restoration. 

Get the UpDraft Plus Plugin Free 

Looking to start somewhere simpler?

Use our free tool, the Website Magniphier. Identify SEO Opportunities And Ways To Optimize Your Site Content, And Create A Free Account To Do Multiple Searches.

Meet the Author

lauren miles

Lauren is a Client Success Manager at AmpliPhi Social Media Strategies. She has continually proven to be a valuable asset to our team with her ability to develop, create and implement client training materials and her consistent growth and knowledge with strategic planning and website development. 

Lauren graduated with honors from the University of Florida earning a BA in Economics and a minor in Retail Leadership. Lauren is based in Fort Myers, FL, as our only remote team member.

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