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LinkedIn Training Course

LinkedIn basics to advanced: a lesson & module format brought to you by our Learning Management System Training in a Cloud

Our LinkedIn How To Guide Covers:
  • Creating & Enhancing Your Personal LinkedIn Profile
  • Creating a LinkedIn Company Page for Your Business
  • Creating a LinkedIn Ad Account
  • Navigating & Launching Campaigns within the LinkedIn Campaign Manager
  • Advanced Campaign Features

What are you ALREADY doing that can set you apart from your competitors? Just because you and your competitors know industry standards, don't assume your customers (and potential customers) do. 

In this video, learn how Domino's Pizza differentiates themselves from their competition. Do you want to differentiate yourselves from your competition? We've created a guide below that gives you direction on exactly how to do that. Enjoy!

Your company spends a lot of time and money on sponsorships. Why not get the most out of them?

Using social media can play a big role in amplifying your sponsorships. We created a two page fillable guide on what to do, before, during, and after the event. Check it out!

For conference organizers and meeting planners, here is how you get your attendees more involved on social media. 

We created this simple template you can use for a Twitter contest during your conference. We've used this at several events in the past couple years and experienced drastic increases in engagement.

How to double your marketing budget in 7 steps

This 7 step downloadable guide will go over concepts such as credibility milestones, keeping track of marketing strategies, and how to apply a systematic improvement plan to your own marketing or sales strategy.

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