September 16, 2019

Why You Need Video Posts on Your LinkedIn Company Page

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Why You Need Video Posts on Your LinkedIn Company Page

For a little over a year, LinkedIn company pages have been allowed to do video postings. I don't see a lot of companies doing it, though. Through data, I can show you why you should really be posting video on your LinkedIn company page.

Let's take a deeper look into why.

When you look at a typical company page LinkedIn post you can see some stats at the bottom (when viewing the page as an administrator). Typical posts include status or photo posts. You can see the impressions, reactions, click-through rate, comments, shares, clicks, and the engagement rate. This seems like a lot of data...

But what if I told you that you could gain even greater insights by posting video content?

How to:

step 1

Step One: Click Show Stats in the lower left corner of any video post.

step 2

Step Two: Click on the 'Total Video Views' blue number.

step 3

Step Three: Analyze Lifetime Data then proceed by selecting 'Audience'.

step 4

Step Four: Analyze further business analytics.

These analytics are GOLD (not literally, but they are pretty much just as valuable).

The analytics include the 'lifetime' of the video (the average length of watch-time by viewers), the views (number of times the video was watched) and the number of  viewers (or unique people that have watched the video for longer than 3 seconds). 

But, if you click on 'Audience' what you'll see is data that we just don't get from typical posts.


Walking from right to left on your screen, we see the locations from which people have come. This can be especially useful when trying to target certain audiences by geographic location.

The second column is the job title of the person...which also useful information.

But there is one section that is particularly fantastic.

This is the 'people from these companies viewed your post' section.

If you are responsible for your company LinkedIn page, accessing this data and presenting it to the person who oversees your work will set you apart. Those doing business development and other sales-related roles love to know who's seeing your marketing material. Why is that?

Here's what I discovered after doing 3000+ business development meetings - sales is about confidence more than anything else.

There is a monstrous gap in sales between 'I have never heard of your company before' and 'for some reason your company rings a bell'. Imagine if you empower your business development people, your sales professionals, or other co-workers by saying:

 "We published this video and these people from this company saw it."

How would that make them feel? It would make them feel very confident. It would make them feel pretty darn good, because marketing is helping them do their jobs better.

So what do I want you to do?

Think about doing very simple LinkedIn company videos. These videos don't need to be overly developed or big productions. Just do short bios of people contributing to business development at your company or something you think might be useful for your audience.

Take that data, share it with those who are doing business development, and let them know about your contribution. What you are doing is bridging the gap between 'I have never heard of you in my life' and 'for some reason you ring a bell'.

I hope you found this useful! Have you posted a LinkedIn video on your company page? How did you analyze the data? Did you find something different than me? I would love to hear in the comments below!

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